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Connections to Others: Magical Horses Healing Our Souls

Ive been away from the blogging for awhile. Ran across a good friends blog in regards to healing and connections to her horses/home. I love to connect a person to their home and surroundings when selling homes and you can feel the connection here.

Great read and great person.

Please view her blog.

Connections to Others: Magical Horses Healing Our Souls:  I have worked with horses all of my life. Not so much on a training basis but on a spiritual basis of connection. They always fascinated me...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

When a HOME is more than an investment

My next door neighbor turned 90 years old last week. He has been a fun, outgoing, man whom adores his neighbors, birds, squirrels and any animal that needs a meal. Every day for the past 3 years I remember him, up at the crack of dawn, filling his bird feeder and sweeping his porch. He lives alone as his children have grown and moved out of town with their own families. He loves his independence and home so decided many years ago, that although alone, he would stay and live. When I met this man 3 years ago and my children fell in love with his smile and his stories. He would giggle every time he saw us,  he taught the girls tricks and took long walks with all of us on warm days.  My kids often made art and ran next door to deliver the work the minute it was complete. He would hang art all over the kitchen. I might add that he has lived in his home for over 48 years and his bright blue, mid century metal, cabinets remain exactly the way they were when the house was built back in the day. Two things I love the most are child art and bright blue mid century cabinets! A vivid memory I will always have is this cute man driving across town with us, in the rain on a Monday, to go to a kids birthday party. The kids were cranky, the rain was pouring, but his smile made it all right at that moment. We have always felt good to know he has been nearby.

Slowly this man that we love has forgotten who we are in his life. His mind not able to keep up the longevity of his body. He forgets the birds, to sweep the porch, to say hello and waive goodnight. He has a wonderful helper that comes over often to assist with his day.  We hug her as if it were him and we still visit and take art. The home he loved is no longer the home that comforts him and he asked to go "home". His children have come to take him home, across the country, but have told him this move it temporary and he will return to this place he has loved for many years. They fear the news of leaving this place for good would destroy any possible memory hanging on inside. His trip will be healing and fun to escape this gloomy winter. Our girls have been preparing for two weeks to say goodbye. Not a goodbye forever but goodbye to the life we know him so near to us. Most likely they will not see him again.  Although his life is in a box, he will be close to the people that need him most right now, and he needs most, and his home will be left with memories and love.

Real estate is not like it used to be.  People don't buy homes and imagine themselves living their entire lives in one place. I still believe the closest families and individuals dwell in the normality of staying put, building relationships, and making memories. I also believe though that moving on and growing is admirable and important to happiness and well being. There is a song I love that states, "Nothing stays the same".  I do love when I meet people with a history in their home and their communities. This living, building and memory making is not always easy and the path tells an incredible story.

I cant wait to share more on this home with you when I put it on the market in a month. I'm proud to be representing the story and this home. A cute mid century ranch with a load of memories will make someone as happy as my friend.

Louis we will will miss you but we will find the perfect family to love your home and much as we love you. Travel safe and we wont forget to feed your birds.


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Whats wrong with this picture?

And once this a serious question?

Snapshots from the Field

A patio door with no way down







Can You Guess what is wrong with this sliding glass door?

A) It is not high enough off the ground

B) The door opens the wrong way

C) The staircase/deck on the outside of the door is missing

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